Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Move In - Complete

I have finally moved everything from my old placed into my new place !

Believe me. It was no easy feat. The white goods turned out to be the nightmare of the whole ordeal. It took us about 30 minutes to get the fridge from the ground floor to the apartment (on the 3rd floor - no lift). And from the bottom floor of our split level apartment to the kitchen. The staircase was so narrow that my housemate's bf had to take out his power tool and undo the screws of the rail and take the whole staircase hand rail off. But still the guys, managed to take out a piece of the wall.

Oh well... but its nothing that a little bit of putty wont be able to fix. I just hope the Agent wont notice it on the next inspection.

Last night, I came out of my shower and counted 6 new bruises on my arms and legs. When I showed Pete, he said he would have to bubble-wrap me and put a fragile sticker on my forehead. Sigh. A simple... "Ok Dear.. I do all the moving and carrying of heavy stuff from now on", was all I was looking for.

We've also finished cleaning up our old place. I so regret having the cake\shaving cream fight we had during my housemate's birthday party. We gave up on the carpet, so will be getting professional carpet cleaners in to steam clean it.

I swear, that the next time we move, I will get removalists !!

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