Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Soaking Wet

Could it be true ? Does drinking alcohol kill off your brain cells ?! Would drinking excessive alcohol start to kill of all your good brain cells ?!?

As I sit here (soaking wet) pondering this theory, I realise I could be exhibiting some of these symptoms.

My short-term memory is becoming damn short.

When Pete had left for work this morning he had reminded me to remember to take the umbrella he had put next to my shoes. It had been raining cats and dogs for the whole morning.

I got out of bed and doodled around the apartment for a bit until it was time for me to start off for the train station. I looked at the umbrella and thought... eek.. blue and white stripes.. but was still grateful that he had put it out for me. I realised I had forgotten my mobile, so I went back upstairs to get it. I walked back downstairs, put on my shoes, slipped my mobile into my handbag and closed the door.


I turned around and saw that it was still pouring outside. And realised I was not holding a umbrella. dammit.

Opened my handbag.. No Keys....... %^&#*$?!!

So what else could I have done ? I could of stayed on the staircase and waited for the rain to stop, but I would of missed my train. Or make a run for the train station.

I made a run for it.

About 2 mins in, my clothes were already getting quite damp. I was soaking wet by the time I reached the train station.

Seeing how I pulled out of the 4km fun run for Australia Day with my friends yesterday, I truely see this as a bit a of a joke. The less I want to exercise, the more I end up having to do it.


mon1ca said...

sorry dear! I left my phone in the living room and I was dead asleep! :(
Anyways, I wudn't be much of a help coz we have only 1 umbrella and my bro took it.

AstroGirl said...

Sorry Mon to have to call you so early in the morning on your off-day...

I'm just lucky I didn't wear my white shirt this morning... :)

chi sin said...

wah... all soaked... seexy...
hahahaha... u so single-minded... take 1 thing, put another down...
maye u should leave a set of keys with Mon... kekek

mon1ca said...

chi sin...
It cost $40~50 bucks for the duplication of one key!

Anonymous said...

good for you....like that also never fall sick...but your dear boy friend fall sick instead...haha...really dun understand...:P

-mrs ang-

AstroGirl said...

mrs ang.. thats because he is weaker than me ! nah.. its because we only have one umbrella and he left it for me.

And I forgot to take it..