Sunday, January 29, 2006

kids (other people's kids that is)

I spent Chinese New Year Eve playing mahjong and having dinner at the yummy (but slightly expensive) Sea Treasure Restaurant in Crows Nest. We were with my friend who had just given birth to a very cute baby girl. I spent most of my afternoon playing with her. Actually, I was just trying to wake her up. As her mummy didn't want her to sleep too much during the day, so that she could have a good night sleep during the night.

I guess the theory is that if the baby doesn't sleep during the day, then she would sleep probably a bit better throughout the night.

The only problem was that this kid was a sleepaholic. I was tickling her feet, bouncing her and carrying her around. But she would only just open one eye. Look at me. And fall back into a deep slumber.

She even managed to sleep through our session of mahjong. Amazing.

Nevertheless, it is always fun to play with someone elses kids. I've always liked kids, as the eldest in my family, I often had to take care of my younger cousins.

Although I like kids, the thought of having kids right now is a bit out of the question. For the moment, I'm content with playing and doing cool things with my friend's kids, and giving them back to their long-suffering parents, when it is time for their nappy change or if they start to scream.

I would love to be an aunty one day though. But I doubt that would ever happen any time soon.

I've got one brother who is afraid of the opposite sex and the other who wouldn't leave home without a condom in his wallet.


Anonymous said...

haha...thank you for trying to wake my gal up never tell people she can stand the noise from the Lion Dance team in the restaurant...hahaha...lucky she slept well last night :P

- mrs ang -

AstroGirl said...

hahha... no probs.. it was fun .. :)