Friday, February 03, 2006

Conversations with a couch potato

Ever get that feeling that the guy you are now in a relationship with is not the same guy as when you first met him ? His interests gradually change. Behavior changes. He likes to stay home more. He hardly even goes out with his friends. He doesn't like drinking anymore. He has literally become my couch potato.

He is ... Domesticated.

Here is my attempt to drag my domesticated boyfriend back into the outside world. We obviously have very different ideas of 'having fun'. But he wasn't like this when I met him. God, we met in a night club ! The last time I remember going to a night club with him was about 1 month after we started going out. And that was 8 months ago.


"Com'on.. just go out with your friends... ok ? Have drinks after work. It won't make you tired. It's actually relaxing."

"You can go out if you want. Just call me when you are done."

"I know that, and I already do go out. Thats not the point. You weren't like this when I first met you"

"That's because I've already met you. If I go out, I'll met chicks. Probably start smoking again. And its a waste of money"

"Ok... Chicks... if you think its worth it.. go for it. Smoking.. you're the one thats playing more basketball now, its your body.. you should have some self you think about it. I can't stop you. Money... I'll give you $50 if you go out with your friends for after work drinks tomorrow."


"$50 and dinner. We'll have drinks with each of our own friends. Meet up after drinks. Have dinner. I'll promise not to go clubbing. And then we'll go home. ok?"

"humm.. ok .. I'll think about it".

*Sigh... The things I have to do to make a guy go out with his friends.


mon1ca said...

You know many people will envy your situation. =P

Anonymous said...

com'on, it's good that your man willing to change his life style because of you...that means he is really cherish you ang was also like to go clubbing before I met him, but then when I am addicted into clubbing...he don't want to go anymore...can't you see those around us now are all my friend but not his??? GET IT?

- mrs ang -

miss j* said...

haha... alice, that is so funny, and so true!! good on you for going out n having a good time though!!

AstroGirl said...

mon... there is nothing to envy .. maybe, if i have the perfect life. but then its far from perfect !

mrs ang... the point is i don't want him to change ! he tricked me !!

miss j.. if i keep on staying at home like this.. i'll go crazy !!