Thursday, February 23, 2006

Reason for Gain

A woman's relationship acts as a barometer for her weight gain according to new research revealing how a woman's body shape changes through life. Here are the 5 stages outlined by the research disclosing how weight is gained or lost :

Stage 1

"The honeymoon period" during which the average woman drops about 3.9kg to impress her new man.

Stage 2

"the comfy zone'' era where takeaway and nights snuggled up on the couch encourages a weight gain of 5kg.

Stage 3

Most women will lose about 4.1kg for "The Big Day", with one in 20 women shedding more than 12kg for their wedding day.

Stage 4

But weight bounces back for stage 4 - the Baby Boom, when women put on about 7.2kg.

Stage 5

The Reinvention when the children are older and a midlife makeover jump-starts women to the gym, causing them to lose more than 7kg.

OMG... :(

Stage 2..... 5 kg weight gain. I've actually gained about 5 - 6 kgs since I've been in my comfy zone. The only problem is that I didn't actually lose any weight at all when I was in my 'so-called' honeymoon period. Dammit !

All gain.. and no losses.

Riiightt... Must head back to the gym this weekend !


mon1ca said...

Does this mean that I can wake you up at 7:30 for gym on Sat?

On Jai said...

Oh yesss, I would really like to know how this turns out... I'll just sit back and watch chaos unfold. Muahuahua

AstroGirl said...

7.30 ??????!?!??!!??!!?!