Thursday, February 09, 2006

Some people bite

Lately, I've learnt that there are only two kinds of people in the world. There are those who try to make life easier for others, and then there are those who are just bent on making life easier only for themselves. The later of the two, inadvertently (or deliberately) in the process ends up making life harder for everyone else.

No prizes for picking out which type of person I am ranting on about.

Last week at after work drinks, He strikes again.

On my way out of the bar, He caught my eye and waved me over to join him and a couple of other guys who looked familiar, but I could not recall their names. He probably figured from the way I was walking towards him that I've had more than my fair share of beer. When I reached the table, he introduces me as the "IT girl". (I have always hated that). The he asked me if I knew who the other two guys where. I laughed and told him I had no freaking idea.

He: You don't know him ? Surely you have seen him around, how about this guy ?

Me: Sorry.. you both do look familiar.. but I really can't remember who you are

Guy1: (laughs) That's ok. I don't expect everyone in the company to know everyone else.

He: How long have you been working with us now ? 1 year ?

Me: Yeah.. just over a year... Hang on, (points to Guy2) you're the guy with the weird hat at the xmas party last year !

Guy2: *coughs* yes.. that was me.

About 2 minutes later, both the guys introduce themselves to me. It turns out they are two of the many Managing Executives in my company. Perfect. I feel like I've just been setup and betrayed to be fed to the lions. And also extremely embarrassed.

But is everyone in a big company expected to know all their Executives ?!

And is it a death sentance if you don't ?!

Couldn't he have just done introductions the same way everyone else does them ?

"Hi, this is [insert guy1 name] and [insert guy2 name] .. Guys, meet [insert my name] who works in our IT department".


But no... that would of been too nice and easy for him.

This guy was bent on everyone's life miserable and not only just mine. After the first month of working at this company, I had already learnt to steer clear of him. I have always been warned by my other colleagues that he bites. I guess I am lucky that he isn't my direct manager. Otherwise I would of just quit ages ago.

Today I ran into him in the lift. Only to have him look at me, sneer and mutter "weird hat" and gave himself a little laugh as he walked out of the lift.

I am a firm believer of what goes around comes around.

One of these days I will bite back. But, I guess for the moment now, I'll just have to unleash my manager on him.


mon1ca said...

time to update your resume again?

AstroGirl said...

hell yeah !