Monday, February 06, 2006

Weekend Blues..

I struggled to sleep through the night. I knew I should of laid off the cold drinks and beer on Friday night. But it was after work drinks. And with any after work drinking session, you just can't stand there and not drink.

If only you could get an Epidural for period pain.

My cousin came over at 9.30am the next morning to drag my sorry ass off to a gym session. They, thinking I was trying to squirm my way out of gym again. Gave me the Oh-Don't-Be-Such-A-Party-Pooper look and proceeded to pack my gym bag for me.

I mouthed the 'It's-That-Time-Of-The-Month', and gave her the look. But it was useless. There was no way that her boyfriend would of understood.

For argument sake, how do you make guys understand in a situation like this ?

To make things worse, David, (my friend from Hong Kong, the one who didn't tell me he was coming back to Sydney until he arrived at the airport) had left again yesterday. But not before pulling me out for a final game of pool. My last encounter with him had resulted in both of us passing out on my couch.

Not wanting to see a repeat of that fate again. I used my "On-Call" status for work as an excuse to not drink anything for the night. But still he insisted that having one drink wouldn't hurt (oh, the irony!). And that I must at least consume some alcohol, because somehow he thought that unless I drink, I wasn't playing to my full ability.

Nevertheless, I whipped his butt. And left him speechless with his tail between his legs all the way back to Hong Kong.

So now I'm high on Naprogesic.. and will probably O/D if I take anymore...


mon1ca said...

sigh! guess I missed out on all the fun again. =( I really need to get a 9 to 5 job.

AstroGirl said...

mon... fun ? wat fun ? i was in pain ! u r so missing the point ... :(

we are going fishing this weekend.. interested ?