Saturday, February 18, 2006

Omega @ Sydney

Last night I meet up with my Only-Eat-Expensive-Food friend (to protect his identity I shall just refer to him as Mr M) for dinner after my work drinking session. Tonz (my Warcraft buddy), Pete and his friend also decided to join us for dinner. Mr M suggested to go to Omega (the much-talked-about Best New Restaurant in the 2005 Good Food Guide) as he wanted to try the Greek food there.

To my surprise Pete didn't object. At first I thought he should know better than to think Mr M would suggest to go to a average priced restaurant. As our last encounter with him had left each of us with $120 less in our wallets. And Pete grumbling all the way to the car.

But this time, Pete seemed genuinely wanting to try out that restaurant Mr M had suggested. I knew Greek food is one of Pete's favorites. But still I felt something was not quite right. It wasn't until we reach the restaurant that I realised he has had 4 bottles of beer already (during his own after work drink session). His limit is usually around 2-3 standard drinks. Going over that limit would explain why he would be so agreeable to everything. As we walked downstairs, I wondered if he was drunk enough to pay for my share as well.

The restaurant itself was stylish and classy. I recognized the chairs they used were once on display in SPACE furniture.

As the bread and houmous dips were placed on the table, Pete asked the waiter if they had any Tarama (A Traditional Greek dip made from fish roe). But the waiter didn't actually know what it was. Moments later the same waiter emerged from the kitchen to let us know that they didn't have Tarama. But he also pointed out (in a stern voice) to Pete that he had pronounced it wrong. It was Ta-ra-ma instead of what Pete had said which sounded more like Da-ra-ma. To my amazement Pete nicely replied that it is actually pronounced more like Da-ra-ma in Greek. The waiter didn't make a reply to that, but let us know that the Moussaka has Taramosalata which is made from Tarama and walked away.

I wouldn't know which one is the correct pronunciation. Frankly, I wouldn't care either. But I would hate to be told that I had pronounced it wrong. Especially by someone with that kind of tone in their voice. It left a sour taste our mouth, and we haven't even ordered yet.

All of us actually sat in silence after the waiter's comment. If Pete had gotten up to go I think I would have followed him.

But he didn't, so we continue to browse through the menu and ordered our meals.

I had the Moussaka (eggplant with scallops) for my entree. And it was perfect. The scallops were done just right. The yellow fin tuna that followed for my main was slightly cold and rather tasteless. The Snapper with blue swimmer crab, that Tonz gave me a piece of, was a lot better. (Should have ordered the Snapper). I had the Halva chocolate for dessert. But I found it was too bitter for my taste. Mr M also commented that his lamb was only just passable.

The service was cold and pretentious all the way through the night. Especially since we had got off on a wrong foot from the beginning.

As expected, the mains were priced around the $40-50 mark. Which was rather pricey for the quality and quantity of food served.

I would definitely go back for the Moussaka, but I doubt Pete would be stepping foot into that place anytime soon again.

For the record, we split the bill accordingly. Turns out he wasn't as 'high' as I thought he was.


....::sPellb0und::.... said...

Did you manage to break any plates? I heard it is one of the greek tradition after meal.


AstroGirl said...

haha.. if only I could ! (It might have been fun to smash one over that waiter's head). It wasn't a traditional Greek restaurant anyway.. the waiter classified it as "A Modern Greek restaurant with an Australian Influence"...

So not really a 'plate smashing' experience ... :)