Monday, February 13, 2006


I got a fish for Pete as his Valentines present.

Yes, I know. I got him a fish. Mind you, it wasn't just any fish. It was a yellow melon Discus. And it set me back $130. (Yes, I know.. I was slightly out of my mind).

$130 for a fish. (what is this world coming to ?!)

At least I know it would be something that he would like. And also that now when he gets up in the morning and goes to stare at his fish, he would at least be staring at a fish that I brought him. Then maybe he would remember that I got him that fish.. and then maybe he might remember that he should be spending more time with me than staring at the fish.

Or would that just be wishful thinking ?


Anonymous said...

why don't you buy him a lobster instead???

-mrs ang-

AstroGirl said...

buy him a lobster.. which I have to cook ?! no way. plus he is allergic to crustaceans (prawns.. crab etc). So i can't get him something he is allergic to !

I still haven't seen a lobster in the markets that costs $130 !!

Anonymous said...

you said:
"$130 for a fish. (what is this world coming to ?!)"


i find it very sad that living creatures are sold just like an object... :-( even $130'000 would not be enough...


AstroGirl said...

Hi Pat... when put in that context then Yes, I do agree that no price figure should be put on any living creature.

But the poor fish was in a tiny tank with about 10-15 others at the aquarium shop. Its now happily swiming in a 4 ft tank at home. At least I think it would be better than leaving it there.

sadly when there is a demand there is always a supply.