Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Christmas celebrations are finally over, and I'm already back in the office. Although there really isn't much people here. Some 'No-Shows' and even my manager decided to call in sick for the day. Which means I could probably go shopping now (yes.. shopping) ... But since I only just got here, I might as well stay for a bit.

For some reason, something always dies (in the data center) when I slack off and leave early.

This is probably my first Christmas which I didn't end up flying back home to spend with my parents. It felt kinda weird actually. But my friends and my cousin here kept things busy.

We started Christmas Eve celebrations at a one of Pete's friend's place. But I was all doped up on Panadol, I spent most of my time talk to people but not really hearing what they were saying. I wonder if anyone else there actually knew what I was talking about - because I didn't.

Note to myself: You cannot cure a hangover with another hangover.

When they started the 'Ghost Story' telling part (when people try to out-do one another with scarier tales one after another). I wanted to leave already. Everytime someone starts telling ghost stories, it makes me think back to my childhood. Yes, I've had encounters. Although I'm not totally sure, I would like to think there is a medical explaination for everything I felt. But as much as I hated it, I can still remember how until the age of 14, I would never take a shower unless someone else was sitting in the bathroom with me and talking to me the whole time, or the reason behind why I still leave the lights on when I sleep.

Maybe one day I will tell my own ghost story encounter ... but not now.

Something else that was different was that I actually ended up cooking on Christmas day. We ended up with 8 people at our place, but I think I might have cooked enough for 12 people. It was kind of a last minute thing, so we had to grab whatever was available from the chinese shops (the only shops which were open), and cook whatever was left in my pantry and refrigerator. We ended up with BBQ Whole Fish, BBQ chicken wings, roasted veggies, pasta, fresh prawns and salmon sashimi.

We spent the whole of Boxing day just recovering from the night before, and trying to finish off all the leftovers. We managed to finish all the pasta, but I think it will take me another week to polish off the prawns. (Pete is allergic to them).

Oh... and I realised that Fashion magazines are evil. While I was waiting for my turn on the Wii, I picked up a magazine and started flipping through the pages.. which left me with totally new shopping list. Must.Find.Earrings.Shoes.. Must.Buy.. !!

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- chi sin - said...

Hey Hey hey~~~~ according to my friend, you can have a wakeup beer on the next day and u won't have hangover~~
(but my medical believe tells me that hangover is mainly dehydration which causes the headache... which means u alcoholics should have a pack of sports drink at home ready)

hahahah... try to trade prawn with the shopping stuff... hahahaha