Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Maintenance Day ?!

I finally received my ADSL2+ router ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ! Yay !

For the past two weeks, I've been feeding my WoW addiction through a dialup internet connection.

I don't actually know what is worse.. Not being able to play WoW at all.... Or playing WoW on a painstakingly slow dialup connection and lag like mad.

But anyway, I'm glad its finally over.

I rushed home yesterday after work to setup my new router... only to realise when I logged into WoW that all the realms were offline.

Tuesday = Maintenance Day

Arggh ! Damn ! Need.. to.. wait.. one.. more.. day.... Must.. do.. battle.... Get.. more.. hk.... Must.. get.. GM.. gear...... Arggh !

1 comment:

- chi sin - said...

who are you with??? is it iiNet???
'coz last nite my connection come on and off, i just went to meet Mr. Chow's daughter... :P haven't slept so early on weeknites for some time... (doesn't mean i go work on time...)

fight on Wii for the time being lorrr...

maybe i should have got the new FF for you on PS2... u might be interested in that as well...