Friday, December 15, 2006

Trading Matters

One of my semi-full-time-share-trading friend gave me a couple of tips a few days ago. The type of financial advice which can be classified as 'All Care and No Responsibility'. The type which if i get burned then I'm not allowed to go and blame him.

He told me to buy a particular share at 23c. (It was at 24c when I wanted to submit my offer, and it had already dropped 0.005 for the day). So I thought I'll put it in at 22c - hoping it would drop a bit more. My semi-full-time-share-trading friend told me this one was set to double - within the month.

So I put in my offer at 22c yesterday and waited for it to drop.

23c..... 22.5c....... BUT NO 22c ~~~~~~~~~!

ARghghhhghhghh...... I just checked the price of it 5 minutes ago..and it was at 26.5c ~!

(Even bigger ARghghhhghhghh...........)

Me and my stingy fingers... :(

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- chi sin - said...

umm... shares...
:X I have no idea... hahahahah