Monday, December 11, 2006

greenhouse effect

The weather has been a bit topsy-wopsy today. One minute is was hot and humid, and the next thing I know I see a 'Severe Thunderstorm Warning' message popping up in my inbox. Its a bit uncanny though, there's strong winds, rain, thunder and lightning outside, but the inside of my apartment is ridiculously stuffy and hot. By this I mean really hot.

And I can't open my balcony slidng doors either. I tried, but the wind is so strong that for the 5 seconds I had my sliding door opened, I spent the next 10 minutes trying to pick up all the debris scattered around my lounge room.

I feel like I am living inside a greenhouse.

I did leave a slight gap open, just enough for some air to get through and not the rain. All I can hear now is the sound of the howling wind forcing its way through the gap of my sliding door.

Even Bunny is crouched in a corner of his hutch.

I got home today to one wet Bunny. (We usually leave Bunny outside to roam around - especially on hot days). I had no trouble getting Bunny inside once I opened the sliding door, but he did object slightly when I threw a towel over him and started blow drying his bum to dry him up a bit.

And I know for sure now that hot air definitely rises. It is so much cooler downstairs. The ledge between the stairs and the bathroom downstairs both look pretty appealing at the moment for sleeping arrangements later tonight. That's if temperatures don't cool down.

Still I think we only hit a max of 30°C today ... (certainly doesn't feel like it at my place)... but Melbourne recorded a high of 42°C today.

Can't really imagine what I would be doing if it was 42°C and I was stuck in my apartment.

Probably would call in sick, jump into my bathtub filled with cold water & topped up with ice cubes and stay in there for as long as I can.


- chi sin - said...

wow... you got your own green-house effect!!! Well... it looks like an oven-effect to me...

ya!! you should!!! after you cook (say noodles) you should drag it across icy cold water to make it more tender... :)

Alternatively, you should go back into the big "fridge" at work...

AstroGirl said...

something has to break before I can 'officially' go into the big fridge at work... :P

- chi sin - said...

I can help with that... seeing that I work in your client's company... hahahah