Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Granny's Advice

I had a great chat with my granny last night. I think its great how a conversation between a grandmother and her granddaughter (which originally started with her complaining about when would I ever get married.. nag nag nag..) can transform to something that resembled a typical conversation between two sisters\friends.

Before I knew it, I was unloading all the current problems in my relationship and disclosing all details to my grandma. Shock horror

And when I did eventually finish, my grandma gave me only one advice - which left me slightly speechless.

"Give yourself a deadline.. 2 months.. 3 months, and if things don't change - leave him."

(My grandma can sound really fierce sometimes).

Then she proceeded to explain to me how it would do me no good wasting my time on any guy. And according to her, I've already wasted enough time. Apparently she was 24 when my mum was born and that was already considered to be late.

Although its hard to imagine it now, but I know that my grandma was once a young girl too. She has definitely 'been there and done that'. Maybe its time I do decide to take some of her advice in to consideration. 'Cos I for one don't really know what to do anymore...

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- chi sin - said...

so good~~ you 2 can talk such in-depth topics!! If it's me... umm.. no one will know about me even after talking to me... (I'm like a secured bin, u can't get much from me... wahahaha)

Anyway your granny is "interesting"... True in some ways but what I learnt is... there are too many exception in life... way too many unexpected things that it's hard to make decisions in a "siu sar" way...

We all learning, I guess it's good to hear other people's ideas/advices, to take action as to advised or not, that's quite a complete issue. That's why I love taking advice and giving advice... :)