Thursday, December 21, 2006


As I was coming out of the train station today, I was stopped today by a lady who asked me if I knew mandarin chinese. Funny thing is that she actually asked me in mandarin chinese if I could understand mandarin chinese.

I already knew what this would lead to. Directions.

I told her I knew only a bit .. (i den den.... I replied in my bad chinese).

Then with a relieved look on her face, she asked me if I knew where the supreme courts were. (or atleast thats what I think she asked).

I then tried to explain to her that she had to walk past this traffic light, to the next traffic light then turn left, walk past another two buildings then it would be on your right -- all in mandarin chinese. (to my dear friends out there who personally know me and are laughing right now ... Don't.)

I think I did ok with my broken-mandarin-mixed-with-a-bit-of-cantonese giving those directions. Atleast she was heading in the right direction when I left her.

Kind of reminds me of the times when I was in Singapore, and for some reason I would always have old ladies coming up to me and asking me for directions in Hokkien.... Yes ... Hokkien.

Or the numerous amounts of time when I was in Hong Kong and I would have Aunties and Grandmas coming up to me to ask for directions in MTR stations.

I can't even read the chinese words on the MTR station maps. And no, I don't know Hokkien. (Swear words don't count right !?)

By the way, 'traffic lights' in Mandarin Chinese is supposed to sound similar to 'traffic lights' in Cantonese Chinese ... right ?


- chi sin - said...

Wahahaha... that's so good!! at least you dare to reply... for me... i'll just say "I can listen but i can't say". furthermore I dunno how to get to Supreme Courts... :P

Oh... I think they just wanna talk to you.... muwahahahaha

AstroGirl said...

just want to talk to me ?! but its always old ladies that ask !! give me handsome guy ~~~~~