Thursday, December 22, 2005

1st night back..

Yay !! I'm back in Perth ! hahaha... :)

After so many years away, (working interstate), it is so nice to be back home !

The flight was horrible though. I was squashed in a window seat with two rather large guys, who I have no idea how they managed to get into their seats. Needless to say, I didn't even bother to try to make a trip to the toilets. Both of them were fast asleep (and snoring) as soon as they finished the food served.

Must remember to never get a window seat again...

The funniest thing occured in the airport though, I was approached by some lady who gave me her name card and asked me to give her a call the next day, as they were looking for new faces. I got a good laugh out of it though, I asked her how old did she think I was, she said 19-20, I told her I was 25 (*ahem... yes.. I know 26 very soon.. but still 25 now !). She said I had really nice complexion ... *sigh.. I know.. Its probably just another scam. But it still feels nice when another female tells you, you have a nice complexion.

The first night back did not disappoint me. I was playing fifteen-twenty and dice games until there was no more alcohol left in the esky.

Now I have a splitting headache. I really must be getting old. I never used to get hangovers before.

Must be the jet lag......

Were is the Panadol when I need it ?!!?

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mon1ca said...

Wow! Approached by star search... so cool :P See... I was right about you putting on a little more weight. You look a lot more alive now.

This reminds me of a time back in Perth where Sandy was approached by a modeling agent... not once, but twice ... on separate days! But I dun deny the fact that she was pretty.