Friday, December 02, 2005

Minute of Silence

No one is forced to take drugs. Everyone has a choice. No one puts a gun to your head and forces you to take drugs. So when Singapore says that Van must die because he could have killed a lot of people with the amount of Heroin he was carrying into Australia, Van is not the one who is standing next to them forcing them to take it. He commited no murder, He is simply another carrier. And although I agree on what he did is wrong. I definitely do not think he deserves Death.

Sadly, when there is a demand there is a supply. Even with Van caught 3 years ago and put on death row - did this do anything to deter the Bali 9 ? Van's Death Sentence did nothing to discourage them.

For all the 25% of Australians who voted to have Van executed - you all better hope that none of your friends and family members makes the same stupid mistake as Van did. Or even get caught with a mere 15g of Heroin - because the Death Penalty for Drug trafficking in Singapore is Mandatory.

Van has shown remorse from the beginning, he has helped with Officials, he regrets what he has done. But still the Death sentence stands. At 25 years of age, this is just a total waste of life. Does anyone actually think he would do this again if let out of prison ?!

The death penalty is barbaric. You cannot rehabilitate someone who is dead. What happened to 6th commandment - Thou Shall Not Kill ? We are human beings - This is no different to Murder.

His poor mother, now finally allowed to hold his hands on the final day, is still unable to even give him the final embrace to hug and feel the warmth of her son for the last time.

She has been sentenced to eternal grief.

My heart goes out to Van, his mother, brother, family and friends.

At 9am today, I will observe my minute of silence and pray for you.

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