Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Birthday

Today is my Birthday... :)

I actually have no idea how I managed to get home last night. But I did wake up this morning in my own bed. And with no hangover. I guess I am one step closer to proving my theory, that the more you drink, the less effect alcohol will have on your body.

I feel so old. I am already dreading my next birthday. And my current one hasn't even passed yet.

We dropped by the Burswood Casino last night to meet up with a couple of friends before going to Dino's to celebrate. And I got my ID checked.

Yay !!

I have never been so happy getting my ID checked before. haha !!

I even thanked the security guard.

So ... I guess its still all good.. :)


mon1ca said...

Hey girl,
Hope you enjoyed your birthday. Sorry to have given you the bad news on your birthday.

And another thing, dun say you're old! Coz I'm older!

Anonymous said...

two of you shouldn't feel too sad, as here got one older than you and have a daughter already...hahahhaha...see you on friday :P

-mrs ang-

chi sin said...

oh no... does that mean i shouldn't say anything as i am the oldest?? :P

Haha... Happy B'Day!! err... 8 days ago... kekeke
(ai ya... getting lazier and lazier to check u ppls' blog.. haha)