Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I've been sick for the past two days (the heat in the apartment finally got the better of me), as I turned on the T.V. for some news updates, I saw the most disgraceful images ever.

About 5000 people had gathered around The Shire (Cronulla) and were bashing anyone up who were of Middle Eastern appearance. Not only did they attack anyone of a Middle Eastern appearance, they also pelted Police and Ambulance officers with bottles. Many were draped in the Australian flag and chanting Waltzing Matilda - as taunts to drive the "Lebanese" people out. It was a sad case of what Alcohol can do to fuel hatred.

But this only made me feel so much more sicker.

It had just been about the most Un-Australian thing I have just about ever seen.

The media are racist themselves. Labelling the 5000 crowd "Australians who were attacking anyone Middle Eastern men". That is just so wrong. The 5000 crowd were not "Australians" they were 'White Anglo-Saxon Australians' attacking any 'Middle Eastern Appearance Australians'. I so hate to have to be politically correct - but in this case its justified.

This was the day Australians attacked Australians.

I am born in Australia, I consider myself every bit Australian. My parents are from Hong Kong - a place which for me, is just a holiday destination.

This is my home.

I probably get most annoyed when someone comes to ask me 'So where are you from?' ... my usual reply :

"I'm Australian... but if you are referring to my Ethnic Asian background, my parents were originally from Hong Kong."

Australia is a multicultural country. We pride ourselves from being different. Do not forget that every white Anglo-Saxon Australian is a descendent of an immigrant also.

I am, You are, We are Australians.


mon1ca said...

Its so sad to see this happen. :(

AstroGirl said...

Its sad. And it will go down in history as a day of national shame and alcohol abuse.

But I do wish the media will stop reporting about it..