Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Shopping

Last night was my last chance to go Christmas shopping. So no matter how bad my second hangover in two days (from the previous night) felt, I dragged myself out of the house to pay the city a visit.

Perth has changed heaps. I fly back about every 8 months or so, but I hardly ever get to see the city during daylight times - I usually come home at daylight. There were so many new shops and buildings. I was very amazed. It no longer felt like I was walking around in my home city. I was starting to feel like a tourist.

I had only two things on my mind when I hit the city. Christmas shopping and food. The octopus mayo Tamaki hand roll from Jaws did not disappoint me. It tasted as yummy as I last remembered it to be. But I was a bit let down when I noticed my favorite Hot Dog stand outside Myers was no longer anywhere to be seen.

My Christmas shopping expedition lasted about two hours or so. I'm one of those people who would just buy something if I like it. After two hours I had pressies for nearly everyone. Although I think I got more things for myself in the end.

Pete's Christmas present was probably the hardest one to find. Only had I then realised, I was only positive he was either a Medium or a Large in shirts and was either a size 32 - 34 for pants. Naturally, I had to call and wake him up to confirm the sizes. I had first seen this shirt I really liked for Pete, but they only had it in Large and Small sizes - He confirmed he was a Medium.

After about another 30 mins of non-productive shopping, I went back to buy the shirt.

It's not as if I couldn't be bothered to continue hunting around... but I honestly could not find anything else I liked.

Anyway, if it was really too big.. we could always take it back.. :)


Anonymous said...

hey....bring back the bloody Jaws sushi to me ah!!! Got buy any x'mas present to me???? :P

-Mrs Ang-

mon1ca said...

I think the hot dog stand has been gone for ages. You really haven't been down to the CT for such a long time!

Btw, say hi to your mum and grannie for me... and Merry Christmas to all!