Thursday, October 06, 2005

Black Thursday..

I know I have pretty bad luck sometimes. It usually starts off as little things going wrong in the mornings and snowballs into something much bigger by the end of the day. This was one of these days.

The following were the string of events in order of occurrence.

1) My fish tank cracked...

As I was getting ready to leave my apartment (putting on my shoes and about to dash out of the door), I noticed a pool of water underneath the table which holds my fish tank. The table was soaked with water and was over-flowing into the carpet. Upon closer inspection I noticed a 5-7 cm crack towards the bottom of the tank.


Emergancy evac procedures were carried out. Which included the re-location of all goldfish and snails to separate plastic containers. And also carrying the tank to the laundry basin - so it can happily continue to leak out the remaining water left in the tank.

Which subsquently meant that I was late for work again.

2) I was stuck in the lift on the way down to lunch. I repeat.. STUCK in the FREAKING LIFT !

I was trapped in the office lift for a total of 17 minutes on my way down to lunch, with two other guys. I think men get more agitated than women in situations like this. One of the guys just kept on pressing the alarm button. The other just kept on muttering under his breath. I luckily had my mobile with me and SMSed the good news to my manager - as an excuse to have a longer lunch break. When the doors finally opened, we had to climb out as the lift didn't exactly make it to the 38th floor. It was kinda 3/4 of the way there.

3) One of the production servers crashed.

With no apparent reason at all. It just died. By this time, nearly everyone in my team knew I was having a bad day. And so they handled the fault.

I had a feeling this wasn't the end to my bad day yet.. It was all just building up to the climax.

4) The new server I was going to attach to the SAN didn't have enough PCI-X slots for the HBA cards. (ARRggghhh .. !)

This was bad. Really bad. It meant that all my projects that depended on this server being attached to the SAN now had to be on-hold. Until the idiotic sales guy can send me the right parts, either HBA cards for the PCIe slots or change the model of the server to something that will accommodate everything we need.

When I let my project manager in on the bad news, he wasn't very pleased. But nevertheless, I'm not the person who deals with the ordering of equipment. I'm just the techie.

So that's about it. For now.. I hope nothing else will happen tonight. (fingers crossed)

Bad Day Rating: 8.5/10

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