Sunday, October 30, 2005

Too Hot

Today it probably hit the high 20s.

But in my apartment, it feels like over 40 oC.

Since our apartment has no air-conditioning (and yes.. I live in Australia), I could only open my small electric fan and put it on full blast.

No use. It just kind of circulated the hot air around my room. So I opened the sliding door to let some outside air in. Hoping it would cool things down a bit and make the room less stuffy.

Bad idea. In less than 5 minutes I could hear the train run past. It was loud enough to wake up the dead. Nearly forgotten we live right on top of the train line.

Sigh... The things we do for cheap rent.

Can't sleep with the door closed. Can't sleep with it opened.

It should be prohibited to build apartments facing west and not have aircons installed by default.

It's only spring now and it already feels so hot. Can't imagine how we are going to survive summer.

It doesn't help that today is Day Light Saving - I just lost an hour of sleep.

I swear it was only 2am when I last looked at the time on my PC, but now it suddenly is showing 3.14am.

Really need to find a place to move.


Anonymous said...

sweetie, you're always welcome to stay in my room. Pete can have the living room! :P I can't promiss that it will be cooler, but I can guarantee that you won't hear the train roar!

Anonymous said...

You are always welcome to stay in my house as my house are fully equipped with air cond...and no matter you open or close the door also won't hear train roar...haha...

-mrs ang-

AstroGirl said...

yesterday night was @*$@# hot again. like greenhouse effect. dunno how to survive summer. :(