Friday, October 28, 2005

Perfect Place?

We may have finally found our so-called 'perfect place' to buy ! Whoopee... !

Although when I seriously sit back and evaluate the details and specifications of the townhouse, it appears we have seriously downgraded our requirements. I think the reality of the Sydney housing market has slowly seeped in.

  • 1. We are no longer looking for 2 bedroom apartments - simply because we will have a better chance affording a 1 bedroom

Which actually means anyone else who will come over and visit us from Perth will now have to sleep in the lounge room.

  • 2. We have expanded our locations to include lower north-shore suburbs, and not just eastern suburbs and inner western Sydney.

Which means we would probably lose contact with half our friends. As I doubt many of them will be willing to depart with $7 ($3 bridge, $4 tunnel) everytime they have to come up and visit us.

  • 3. We have lowered our requirements to go for a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 carspace townhouse. Which is a far cry from our previous searches for a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1 carspace apartment.

But the reality is that we would probably never be able to find a 2x2x1 apartment that's within our price budget in Sydney.

I just hope that when we go to check out the townhouse on Saturday, it is able to live up to our lowered expectations. (fingers crossed!)


Anonymous said...

Girl... the cost is $7.50 now! $4.50 for the tunnel!

AstroGirl said...

don't worry.. the place was a big disappointment. It is right next to the train tracks and so had cracks going down all the walls.

Photos can be so deceiving :(

Anonymous said...

haha...dun worry...if u r going to lose half of your friends from the still got a family of 3 welcome you all the time in the north....and u and me also no need to pay for the $7.5...kekekek

-mrs ang-

AstroGirl said...

the place was bad.. i seriously wouldn't live there even if it was free!! can't believe they are trying to sell a place like that for $339k