Tuesday, October 18, 2005

You are what you eat

Recently I read about a study which came to the conclusion that a person's choice of food is dictated by that person's sate of mind. Meaning that if the person was angry then they had a higher percentage to turn to chewy foods (eg. Steak) and they would most likely pig-out on chips and potato wedges if they were stressed. Interesting enough the study also concluded that gorging on cakes and sweets is a sure-sign that you were sexually frustrated.

Hummm.. now that is an interesting topic to ponder.

Chips and potato wedges (covered with gravy) are my favorite comfort food and I personally think they can cure any state of mind. But I'm not too sure about the relationship between pigging out on cakes and sweets and being sexually frustrated. I personally would like to be able to pig out on ice-cream and tiramisu without some other onlooker thinking I am sexually frustrated.


Anonymous said...

does eating chocolate mean anything? =P pete finished the whole bar yesterday!

AstroGirl said...

-no comment- :)