Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My List of 10 Things

My best buddy recently sent me a link to a blog she reads religiously. And since I had surfed nearly every possible thing to read on web today (yes.. another boring day in the office), I decided to give that link a visit. My buddy was right, this guy's blog was interesting. The first entry I read talked about his 10 achievements to date and 10 things he wanted to do before he died. He asked his readers to do the same as him and start their own list, and experience the feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction. Just like he did.

So here is my attempt to list my 10 achievements to date:

  • 1. Win an award for academic achievement at a Tertiary University Level
  • 2. Drink a 700ml bottle of Chivas - all by myself (and not puke)
  • 3. Travel and relocated to new places to work all by myself
  • 4. Fallen in love
  • 5. Drove from Melbourne to Sydney - without ever being in Sydney before.
  • 6. Have not succumbed to peer-pressure to start smoking or take party drugs
  • 7. Skied down Perisher Blue mountain without needing help
  • 8. Win the drinking game 10-15 continuously around the whole karaoke club - twice
  • 9. Gone to a strip club at a bucks party (and actually had fun)
  • 10. Loved someone enough to let go and wish them the best and genuinely meant it

And following with tradition, here is a list of 10 things I would like to have done before I die:

  • 1. Complete my A.M.E.B 8th grade Piano exam. (Currently on 7th grade)
  • 2. Travel at least once around the world - before I have kids
  • 3. Get married
  • 4. Let go of my career when my first child is born (and be financially comfortable)
  • 5. Buy my daddy a Mercedes Benz for his birthday - while he is still young enough to drive
  • 6. Meet the child I am sponsoring through charity
  • 7. Complete my Masters Degree
  • 8. Build my dream house
  • 9. Start my own business after my children start schooling
  • 10. Be able to comfortably retire with my hubby before the age of 40

Looking back at the things I achieved, I realised I do have some which I'm proud of, as I had actually put in alot of effort to make it work. Some just happened out of pure stubbornness and my own mischievous will.

When I look at the list of 10 things I want to achieve before I die.. well..humm...

I really hope I would be able to achieve some of them.

These two lists actually took me alot longer than I thought it would. And I must admit I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that I can actually physically list out my achievements. To anyone that actually does read this, try doing one yourselves. It is worth the time.

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Anonymous said...

I can't list anything great I've done =(