Wednesday, March 15, 2006

At The Train Station...

Its rainy days in Sydney. It finally feels like Autumn. :)

I was walking to the train station this morning on my way to work when I saw this guy running towards me in the rain. I was actually admiring the way he was running in the rain (he had a nice body) when he slipped. He literally slipped and fell on his bum.

He was wearing thongs and had no umbrella. So it wasn't really any suprise that he slipped while running in the rain.

I was just standing there watching the whole fiasco. I stopped walking when he fell. I actually felt like laughing. Maybe even pointing my finger at him and saying "Ah-Ha!" just like the annoying Bully Kid on Simpsons does. I even thought about taking a photo of him with my camera phone (and blog it). But he picked himself up in about 2 seconds, so I was much too slow. But not at any stage did I ever think about going over to help the poor guy.

I could not understand why. Why didn't I go over to help him ? What about me has changed ? It's probably the first time I saw something like this and I didn't go over to help the person and actually wanted to laugh at him. Afterall he was only like 2 metres away from me.

I felt bad. Really bad...

I was able to redeem myself though.

While I was buying my train ticket. An elderly Asian man came over to ask me which train goes to Hurtsville. In Mandarin.

Why do I always get asked for directions in Mandarin ?!?

I tried replying him in my broken Mandarin (mixed with a bit of Cantonese) which platform he should go to. But it was no use. I suck at Mandarin. But I didn't know it was this bad until now.

So I walked him to the correct platform and tried to explain to him that he should only take trains going south. As the other trains will be taking him to the City. I left him at the platform when I was convinced he wouldn't jump on the wrong train. I hurried back to my own train platform to the city, only to realise I had missed my train and the next train was only due to arrive in 35 mins.

35 mins !!!

Doesn't one good deed cancel out a bad one ?

Isn't this how Karma works ? or isn't it ?!?


-K- said...

Wow - I love the photo of Sydney at Night. Did you take it?

AstroGirl said...

Hi K.. I did :) Its my favorite one.. its taken at Mrs Macquarie's Chair.