Thursday, March 09, 2006

If it fits, buy it

A new survey showed that the average woman spends three months of her life and about $200,000 shopping for shoes, a survey revealed yesterday.The UK survey found one in three women would devote more than $400,000 in their lifetime feeding their obsession.

But actually using these treasured possessions is another matter.

More than half of the 5000 women questioned admitted to owning at least five pairs they never wore.

$200,000 - $400,000 for shoes !?

Really ?!?

I don't even earn that much in a year !! Actually, I'm nowhere near that amount... *sob

But with the second statement - I'm Guilty as Charged.

If it fits and looks good. I will buy it. Knowing that I will probably wear it for some occasion or another. Of course, unless it cost over $200 - then I will really think about it before dishing out my credit card.

When I moved into my new place, I found that I had atleast 5 pairs of shoes that I never even knew I had. Another 3 pairs which I had previous knowledge of their existence but never really worn them more than 5 times. And another 2 pairs which the straps had actually broken, but I had yet to throw them out.

I'm really bad with throwing things out. I'm destined to be an old lady who hogs everything and never throws anything out.

Since we were moving, I decided to throw out the broken pairs and put the other 3 pairs I had hardly ever worn into a Salvos donation bin. But I retained my 5 new-found pairs. Who knows ? Maybe I'll wear them next week or the week after. Its not as if my feet are going to grow any bigger. So I'll definitely be able to wear them at some stage.

I promise to donate them if they are still gathering dust by the next time we move. :)

When I think about it now, I only really use 4 pairs of shoes and my thongs (slippers). My 4 pairs of shoes being:

  • 1 x work shoes
  • 1 x sports (gym shoes - I do use it.. ok?!)
  • 1 x black strappy heels - for weekend outings\parties
  • 1 x sneakers - for casual weekend wear

I definitely can't live without my trusty-all-purpose thongs. If only I could wear them to work.

On last count I have 13 pairs of shoes (Including the 5 pairs I didn't know about). So I guess its not too bad.

Most guys have way too much Ties and Watches anyway. So they should stop saying that us girls have too many shoes or handbags.

How many pairs of shoes do you have ?


miss j* said...

i have around 70 pairs of shoes (and still counting)... that's bad isn't it?

AstroGirl said...

70 ?????????????!! jan.. are you sure ?

mon1ca said...

luckily i can't buy shoes easily =P
I have only around 5 pairs of shoes... maybe 10. Its true!