Friday, March 24, 2006

Daylight Saving Changes

Why .... Oh why did the Government decide to postpone daylight saving till next week !?

Yes.. I know the political answer :

Because daylight saving falls right in the middle of the Commonwealth Games.. And the athletes will be affected... blah blah blah....

Well... before this whole thing has even passed over.. I'm sure my team and I would have lost more than 1 hour of sleep trying to implement the changes to our Servers and PCs.

The whole daylight saving change forced Microsoft to ditch out a patch which would create a new timezone which would need to be rolled out before this weekend and must be removed after the 2nd of April.

New Patch = More work for us
Removal of Patch = Even more work for us
User's Outlook Calendar going Psycho = Total Nightmare for us !

I normally have nothing to do with user's and their email problems. But since the Desktop support team have been flooded with too many helpdesk calls on the issue, my poor colleagues and myself have since been pulled in to help out as well.

Maybe they should have told all their users to print out their Outlook Calendars before the patches were rolled out.

I know its a pretty primitive method .... But hey... it works !!!

And it would definitely solve all the issues we have now ...*sob :(

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