Friday, March 31, 2006

One more day !

One more day to go before I get on a plane and fly out of Sydney for one whole glorious month !!

So far everything has gone to plan. I have planned my whole trip. I have brought all my air tickets. Found my passport and created my To-Eat list for all the types of food I have to eat in Hong Kong, Singapore and Perth.

The only problem with my holiday plan was that I forgot about my Masters study. When I told my lecturer I would be away from her classes for the next 4 weeks. Her only reply to me was..

"Oh.. thats Ok. Just make sure you hand your assignment and all your homework into me before you leave".

4 weeks of homework.....

1 major assignment (which is not even due until the next week).... !!

No prizes for guess what I have been rushing and working on for the past week.

Lecturers can be so mean... :(


mon1ca said...

omg! And we still went shopping yesterday?!

AstroGirl said...

dun worry.. my typing is faster than the speed of light !! (not!) :P~

I'm just about to start pg 11 of my report now.. I think i will just sleep on the plane tomorrow