Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The New Guy

Ever get the feeling that the person who hired the new guy in your team has just screwed you over !? Due to the fact, they have hired a person who is Unconsciously Incompetent in all technical aspects. And this is a technical role.

I have no doubt how this person managed to pass all the interviews, as even I was impressed with his past working experiences. Or so he brags about to everyone else in the team. But in reality, it could not be more different.

So now our whole team has to drag this person to stage two of the learning curve -- Conscious Incompetence. Hopefully, the person can realise that they do need to stop talking about their own capabilities and really start to learn the tricks to the trade.

I have a feeling that this stage would be quite hard to achieve.

He has 3 months time (Thank God for the probation period) to prove he can really do the task required by his role. And to do it well. "The person can perform the skill without assistance" -- Conscious Competence

Then if he hopefully makes it this far, he would have to achieve stage four -- Unconscious Competence. "Where the skill becomes so practised that it enters the unconscious parts of the brain - it becomes second nature".

One can only hope.


mon1ca said...

You do hope that he doesn't find this blog rite? :P

AstroGirl said...

Good point. I really should remove my photo and make this blog anonymous.