Sunday, March 19, 2006

Shopping With My Cuz

My feet are still recovering from my shopping expedition with my Cousin yesterday.

We headed down towards QVB in the city after our Yum Cha lunch in chinatown. Yum Cha was great..really really yummy food... but why do I get the feeling that I'm just eating MSG ?!

About 20 mins leaving chinatown, I was dying of thirst. I ran to the nearest 7-11 and brought a bottle of water and slammed it down in like 10 secs. Skulled it the whole way through. (just like sculling a bottle of beer). My Cuz did the same thing. Only I think she finished her bottle of apple juice before I did. There really should be some regulation as to how much MSG Chinese restaurants put into their food.

My goal for the day was to find a dress to wear to both of my friend's Weddings in April. But instead, the only piece of clothing I managed to buy was this comfy PJ top from PeterAlexander.

After we both gave up on looking for a dress for me, my Cuz pulled me over to her favorite shops on Castlereigh St. The street where live the likes of LV, Gucci, Hermes etc...

She spent about an hour looking at handbags in Louis Vuitton. While I spent about an hour with her, trying to hold my urge to go to the toilet (the effects of sculling a bottle of water taking place).

She actually does decide on getting a handbag (which I must admit really does suit her), but I felt a heart stabbing "ouch" type pain (for her wallet) when I heard the price tag.

I'm not going to reveal the price tag here. But I guess all around the world, L.V. handbags will all be around the same price (genuine bags that is). The handbag is white and apparently the sales lady said it was a new arrival. My Cuz told me it would be bag number 22 for her. (see.. Unhealthy Obsession).

I was speechless.

After our retail therapy session, we both heading back to my place to rest our feets and enjoy some quality sisterly time together.


mon1ca said...

OMG! Jem is going to flip!
Oh, btw we still need a dress!

On Jai said...

I think Pete and I were too hungry to notice if there was any MSG. Down the hatch the food shall gooooo!!

Thnx for "filling in" for me with the shopping trip, better you than me - just means you get sore feet, not me. Haha.

What???? No more bags man!! I'm going to be MIA on her b'day and all special ocassions...

*sigh* my poor poor wallet...

AstroGirl said...

on-jai... good luck to u man !