Monday, March 06, 2006

The Truth About ...

I got another call from a very annoyed Trader yesterday morning. 8.30am Sunday morning. Complaining that he wasn't able to bid. And since it was a legitimate reason. I woke up and started up my laptop to log into my system. After entertaining him for the next 20 minutes I resolved his problem made sure he could send bids and crawled back into bed.

The pig in my bed didn't even budge. I don't blame him. I knew he was really tired. We didn't get back home until about 3am last night. And him not being a late night person anymore, this was really pushing the limits.

I convinced him to go out to a karaoke session with his friends.

Yes, his friends. Well, the first session was with my friends first. Then we dropped by his friend's karaoke room for 2 hours before heading back home.

One of our friends said the weirdest thing to me. Actually he was one of my drinking friends as well back in Perth.

"So, you know he is coming Golfing with us tomorrow ?"

"Yeah.. why ?"

"So you don't have a problem with that right ?"

"No.. why would I.. ? I'm the one making him go !"

"So you don't have a problem if he comes with us to Mr N's bucks party right?"

"No.. but why are you asking me this ?"

Why did it sound like I have just become the party pooping nazi ?!?

I really wanted to just stand up and shout ... "Please...I'm not the one not letting him go out !! Make him go out more ! Its not me !! Its him !!!"

But instead I just picked up my cup of scotch and challenged him to a game of 15-20.

I wonder when did the guys start to think that I was the one responsible for him not going out with them.

It quite funny when I think about it. Because it is so far from the truth.

I doubt they would believe me anyway. Because the fact is, he stopped going out with his friends every weekend since we met. To most girls, it would actually be a good thing. Having their boyfriends spend time with them all the time. But I like to go out. I thought I could stop as well. But I miss it too much. Maybe the day I quit drinking would be the day I would be able to give that lifestyle up.

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