Sunday, March 12, 2006

Show Me The Money !

Time... as they say... is Money.... So how much is your time worth?

If you want to see this calculated by the second, then check out this Money Meter from

It calculates the amount you earn per second based on your annual salary.

This is my Money Meter at 4 mins and 59 secs :

After my nine hours session of Warcraft today. I do feel slightly more productive after seeing this Money Meter. (I'm On-call for this week, so I do get paid - even if I spend my whole day playing Warcraft).

$2.70 for 5 minutes. Too bad it's showing the amount before Tax .... :(

Click here to get your own Money Meter.


mon1ca said...

...its sad.
By the time I earn one buck, Oprah has already earned 3 grand!

AstroGirl said...

hahaha.. try ignoring the "comparison" part of the test.. :)